black iphone 5 beside white apple keyboard on brown wooden desk

Software Engineering

Delivering software for nearly 20 years.

Personal and business websites, eCommerce, CRM, Ticketing, custom modules, components, API-s, testing, database, server and infrastructure management, and everything in between.

black and yellow exercise equipments

Body building

Lifting weights since 2019.

Tried Arnold's way as described in his big book of body building. Tried a variety of work out routines, going for hypertrophy, building strength, increasing cardiovascular capacity. Recovered from multiple joint pain.

flat-lay photography of lettuce with fried egg and flatbread

Nutrition, weight loss

Tried a lot of diet since being an overweight teenager. Completed a course on lifestyle and nutrition in 2020.
Went from 156 kg to 90 kg in a year, with ketogenic diet and daily workouts.
Working on fixing 35+ years of unhealthy eating habits.

Certificate of Completion:
Lifestyle and Nutritionist Course
Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, Food supplement Courses
has been awarded for Tamás Tóth on 1 March 2020
by Zsolt Domonkos, Weider Professional Fitness Trainer